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Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill is aware that the upliftment and improvement of the community around the mill is its responsibility. Since its inception, Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill has been aware of the importance of community development work and has implemented various programs for the community.

Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill treats all employees in an open, honest, fair and respectful manner. Company realize that employees are its greatest assets, so we must provide them with a proper training to make a certain that they are able to undertake the challenging opportunities that lie ahead of them. The concept of teamwork is routinely coaching workers to ensure that we live up to our promise of high quality and productivity.

Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill also puts a serious effort to develop social welfare for the employees, which is realized through the development program of Polyclinic as well as medical staff. These clinics cater to the needs of the employees and their family. The company has also formed a co-operative for the employees and provides services like the canteen, dormitory accommodation, sports facilities and place of worship. Other public facilities like the bank, post office and telecommunication are also provided for the employees.

These programs are divided into the following various activities:

Education Activities

Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill realizes that human resources is one of the most important assets and should be developed. Education is one of the keys to develop this resource and Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill has invested into various programs to impart education to the community as follows:

  • On the job training program for 150 students
  • Full scholarship for 28 persons at ATPK Bandung
  • Study test & guidance program
  • Renovation and provision of school buildings and their infrastructures
  • Provision of transportation for students of elementary schools
  • Support the construction of religious buildings
  • Education fund for 101 university students
  • Schools bus for community, benefited by 200 pupils

Religious Activities

Donations from Indah Kiat's Perawang Mill towards the religious activities are as follows :

  • Fast breaking ceremonies
  • Providing sacrificial animals on the eve of Idul Adha
  • Program to help build Mosque and facilities
  • Construction of Mosque which now we support by providing material

Village Infrastructures, Economic Support & Health Service

  • Construction, maintenance and development of roads for villagers
  • Construction of public administrative office
  • Construction and maintenance of drainage system
  • Clean water facilities
  • Community‚Äôs skill development & community forest program
  • Support Economic facilities
  • Bring up small business & home industry
  • Mobile Clinic

Economic Empowerment Program

Rolling Cows

  • 6 batches
  • 58 family leaders
  • 80 pregnant  cows has been  rolled out
  • Tri-sector  partnership program

Rolling Agricultural Fund

  • 12 families for the agricultural  activities 
  • 5 families for  fishery activities
  • 1 family for  livestock (ducks)
  • 2 families for  home industry food processing

Handicraft making from Industrial Waste

  • Strap band ex- waste from PAP to be used as raw material for handicraft making at Tualang & Pinang Sebatang Timur villages
  • Two groups with  30 members & mostly women