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Pulp & Paper Corporation (IKPP) was established in 1976 by an Indonesian Company named CV Berkat Indah Agung together with two Taiwanese companies, namely Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation and Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Company.

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April 06, 2015

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Perawang Admin

PT. INDAH KIAT PULP & PAPER TBK, PERAWANG MILL dinilai telah menerapkan Sistem Jaminan Halal dengan kategori : SANGAT BAIK / EXCELLENT / KATEGORI A

April 06, 2015

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Perawang Admin

On February 5th 2015, two years after the launch of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), the Rainforest Alliance released an independent evaluation of how the policy is being implemented. The evaluation concludes that the company has made ‘moderate’ progress towards meeting its commitments.